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talented IT and Business Professional

I am an experienced IT and Digitalisation professional with a proven track record. I have been leading large publicly funded projects, helped companies build their digitalisation strategies, worked with start-ups helping them to find their way of doing business, developed new business strategies as well as managed IT-teams and helped companies to enhance their visibility in the digital world.

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I am a leader, but I can also be lead by others. I have seen different sorts of leadership in the past and I have always wanted to be the best possible leader for my team, employees or children. You can never satisfy everyone but when you look in the mirror and you can be proud of yourself without being vain - then you are on the right track. It is always easier to be a leader during the good times, but the real leadership is measured during the more challenging times.
Project management
From the very beginning of my working career I have been working and managing all sorts of projects. I have been involved with TEKES and EU Interreg III C -financed projects, customer projects, implementation projects, R&D -projects and it -projects. Along this journey I have experienced success and failure, good and bad leaders as well as well motivated people and less motivated people. You can always learn something new and enhance the process.
New business development
This is something I really love. Finding new ways of doing things or finding new things to make our life better. I have been involved with different kinds of entrepreneurs and start-ups in the last five years. For me nothing is more satisfying than see people gain their goals and to be able to help them at it. After all, it is nothing but finding solutions to an existing problem or a better solution.
Sales and marketing
This is something I have actually studied at school quite a bit. This is one business area that is constantly changing and developing at the moment very fast. My “twisted” mind and good sense of humour has helped me through the years in this business area. Digitalization and human behaviour has changed sales and marketing. One could say, that when its printed its already outdated. The world is changing fast and it gets more difficult to reach the right people, that just the reason why this is so interesting.

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Multitalented and experienced IT and Business Professional at your service.

MN-Ohjelmisto Oy

( Apr. 2011 : June 2016 ) Partner and CEO

Working as an Entrepreneur and CEO in an small IT-comapny includes all sorts of tasks. I was involved in developing our business branches, leading projects for customers and internally, writing agreements and accepting them. My tasks included included Digitalization in Customer Projects.

Ohjelmistotalo Koodiavain Oy

( Jan. 2014 : Aug. 2016 ) All business fields

My responsibilities were running the daily business together with the CEO. We developed new business models. I worked as Project Manager, helped Start-ups to develop their business and lead our IT-Team in different tasks.

HAMK - Ylempi AMK

( Aug. 2014 : Dec. 2016 ) Entrepreneurship and Business Management / MBA

Theses needs still to be written. My studies included Organisational Development, Strategic Thinking and Managing Change, Global Business Excellence and Customer-Focus in International Business.

Trafore Oy

( Mar. 2010 : Apr. 2011 ) Sales Manager

My responsibility was to sell Skalpell and Perspektive Hospital Information Systems (HIS) to private hospitals. I was also helped developing and selling accounting software for taxi entrepreneurs.

Korsisaari Oy

( Jan. 2007 : Mar. 2010 ) Project Manager

Project Manager in Tekes and EU Interreg III C financed project. My job was also to translate, test and help to develop Demand Responsive Transportation software as well as sell, implement and train it to the German markets.


( Aug. 2004 : Dec. 2007 ) Bachelor of Business Administration / BBA

I did half of the education in Finish and the other half in English. My studies mainly focused in doing business in EU. I wrote my theses about Demand Responsive Transportation and how that can be used to cut the municipalities cost in disabled people transportations (VPL) as well as socialcare transportations (SHL).

Various Jobs

( since 1996 ) Warehouse / Selling

I have been working for many summers and during my studies in warehouses and different kinds of selling tasks for many companies.

"A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them."

- John C. Maxwell -

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